How to Maintain Your Figurine Collection?

In a blend of excitement and impatience, the delivery van pulls up in front of my door, evoking the anticipation of a child awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus. My hurried steps lead me there immediately, my heart beating to the rhythm of the imminent discovery of my long-awaited precious figurine. In the radiant excitement of the moment, I open the package with contagious eagerness, releasing bursts of enthusiasm with each unwinding of the bubble wrap.

However, beyond this initial emotional embrace, a new responsibility awaits me: that of preserving this cherished figurine from the ravages of time and the whims of the weather.

How to Maintain Your Figurine Collection?

Controlling Humidity and Temperature (35-45% humidity and 21°C): It's crucial to maintain precise control over humidity and temperature to preserve your figurines, which are akin to delicate artworks. Techniques used in renowned museums like the National Museum of Tokyo or the Louvre's Conservation Department have established that an environment with humidity levels between 35 and 45% and a temperature of 21 degrees offers the best chances of preserving your figurines' integrity and radiance over time.

Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC), also known as chlorure de vinyle in French, constitutes a significant portion of figurines. However, it's important to note that PVC doesn't tolerate hot and humid climates. It tends to absorb moisture, which can lead to permanent stains on your precious figurines. To ensure the long-term preservation of your items, it's strongly recommended to maintain a controlled environment with humidity levels between 35 and 45% and a stable temperature of 21 degrees.

Avoiding Direct Light Exposure:

It's imperative to take precautions to prevent direct light exposure to your figurines, whether from solar or lunar UV rays. Indeed, these UV radiations can be extremely damaging to your figurines. Although PVC won't melt like ice cream in the sun due to its 185 degrees Celsius melting point, it's important to understand that subtle damages can occur over time.

Even if changes aren't immediate, prolonged exposure to UV rays can lead to unwanted alterations. Figurines can gradually change color. White surfaces might turn yellowish, and overall colors could fade as UV rays cause the oil within the figurine's materials to seep out, gradually drying them.

To retain the original appearance and quality of your figurines, it's recommended to shield them from direct light by placing them in areas where they aren't exposed to UV rays from the sun or the moon. The use of specially designed glass cases or enclosures to block UV rays can also help prevent these unwanted alterations.

Choosing the Right Display Location:

The location you choose to display your figurines is of paramount importance to maintain their integrity. It's crucial to consider various factors to preserve your collection under optimal conditions. Here are some aspects to keep in mind:

Family Environment and Precautions: If you have young children or are prone to clumsiness, ensure the chosen spot is out of reach of curious little hands. If your floor, cabinet, or shelf isn't perfectly level or securely fixed to the wall or floor, it might potentially lead to imbalances and accidents. Paying attention to these minor details can prevent the nightmare of finding your precious figurines shattered.

UV Ray Protection: Have you taken measures to limit your figurines' exposure to UV rays? Opting for special glass designed to block UV rays can significantly contribute to preserving the colors and appearance of your collection items. UV rays are notoriously harmful to fragile materials and can cause unwanted alterations over time.

Pets: Make sure your display is out of reach of your pets. Animals can be curious and playing with your figurines could cause irreparable damage. Avoid any display that might allow your pets to access your collection.

By considering these aspects and meticulously selecting your display location, you can ensure the long-term preservation of your figurines. This guarantees not only their physical safety but also the protection of their aesthetic and sentimental value.

Risk Assessment for Your Figurine Collection:

Prevention, prevention, prevention. Having a plan is imperative to naturally grow your collection without hassle. It all starts with evaluating the risks that could affect your figurines. Minimize breakage and unwanted surprises.

Identifying Potential Risks:

Dust and Particles: Dust can accumulate on your figurines and cause damage over time. Airborne particles can also settle on the figurines, altering their appearance. Placing your figurines in enclosed cases can greatly help limit particle deposits on them.

Accidents and Falls: Poorly secured locations or careless movements can lead to accidents or falls, causing severe damage to your figurines. Secure your display cases to the floor or wall, and plan your movements when relocating your figurines. A simple banana peel or a misplaced toy can ruin your day.

Preventing Dust and Particles:

Display Cases or Enclosures: Use special display cases to shield your figurines from dust and airborne particles. Sealed cases effectively prevent these harmful elements from entering. Regular Cleaning: Perform regular cleaning of your display cases with soft, non-abrasive cloths to remove accumulated dust. Avoid using harsh chemicals; mild soapy water with a gentle detergent is sufficient.

Protection against Accidents and Falls:

Secure Location: Place your figurines in a stable and secure spot, away from high-traffic areas and potential collision risks. Fixtures and Leveling: Ensure that the furniture where you display your figurines is securely fixed to the wall or floor to prevent accidents due to instability. Protective Barriers: Use discreet barriers, like transparent glass or acrylic protectors, to prevent direct contact with your figurines while still showcasing them.

Preparing Your Collection for the Future:

With careful planning, collecting becomes a true pleasure, free from the stress of where to place boxes, figurines, or curious pets. You can even envision the next steps for your collection.

Planning a Rotation Strategy:

Implementing a well-thought-out rotation strategy prevents monotony while preserving the quality of your figurines. Changing the ambiance with seasonal figurines for Christmas, Halloween, or spring sakura time adds a refreshing touch. By regularly changing the displayed pieces, you give each element a chance to shine while avoiding overexposure. Your guests will always be curious to see the new setups, enhancing the experience of your collection.

Considering New Acquisitions:

When new acquisitions enrich your collection, welcome them by considering their harmonious integration. Take into account thematic and aesthetic coherence, as well as the available space, to ensure optimal presentation. Showcasing your collection with the latest figurines is a great way to bring new life to it.

Anticipating Environmental Changes:

Forethought is essential to maintain your collection's quality over time. Environmental changes, such as temperature or humidity fluctuations, can impact your items. By anticipating these variations and adjusting your protective measures, you ensure optimal preservation. To avoid monotony, consider changes like selling, purchasing, reorganizing, modifying, constructing, or even downsizing your collection. All these ideas contribute to making your collection a unique representation of yourself.

In this carefully planned manner, collecting becomes a deeply fulfilling and serene experience. Your cherished items are preserved in optimal conditions, allowing you to enjoy their beauty and value for many years to come.

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